Soapstone, also known as steatite or talc is a metamorphic rock.  It’s primarily talc rich in magnesium but can have other minerals such as chlorite and pyrite (Fool’s gold) imbedded in it.  The purest form of soapstone is often nondescript.  When soapstone is comprised of other minerals and subjected to heat and pressure the result is a strikingly unique rock with multi-colored composition.

Today this art form is popular with art collectors.  Wendy and her husband Eric take great care to use only North American stone, shed antler and materials for their sculptures.  They seek out soapstone from select locations.  The stone itself can be found in many captivating colors, from rich golden browns and amber hues to sparkling jade green tones. 

Crafted from raw stone, each piece is richly detailed, unique and finished by hand.  Each sculpture is then sealed with acrylic to bring out the beautiful color as well as help protect the art piece itself.   By seeking out only the most colorful stone, each piece is assured to be unique and one of a kind.